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No motor
without Rotor!

The signature we have been distinguishing ourselves with on the market for over 60 years.
We’re based in Eibergen in the Netherlands, but no matter where you are in the world, our experienced and dedicated associates want to work with you to meet your needs. We’re not just about getting orders shipped on time, but we pride ourselves in being a reliable partner in every step of the way.

Our approach

We want you to consider Rotor as your reliable partner.

Our experienced and dedicated team at Eibergen in the Netherlands offers the best in class and most efficient motor solutions and services.


No matter the application, we can help in a smart and sustainable way with quality, flexibility and speed.

With years of industry experience, Rotor’s knowledge is the base of our operations. We combine that knowledge with new technologies to provide innovative solutions to meet the market’s changing demands

The Marine Solution

The basic mechanical and electrical design of Rotor NL® electric motors is tailored to marine and offshore applications. Given the often aggressive saline environment, the RN series is available with cast iron motor housings and motor shields.

Rotor produces electric motors that can be installed lower and upper deck use. These motors may be fitted with an attached disc brake. Motor windings are based on ambient temperatures up to 50°C and have a moisture and mold resistant treatment, giving them the ability to withstand relative humidity up to 96 percent. These electric motors meet the various requirements of ship classification societies and are supplied with a purchase certificate for essential service.

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